Small Decisions Have a Big Impact
Naming, Art Direction, Research, Editorial Design, Logo Design, Advertising
What It's All About: Brink is a bi-monthly engineering ethics and safety magazine featuring articles written by and for engineering professionals. Articles cover historical lessons, ethics and laws of engineering, healthy workplace culture, interviews, and how the industry is looking to the future. The magazine challenges senior management to commit to safety, promote shared concern for hazards, encourage realistic norms for safety measures, and reflect on past mistakes.​​​​​​​
The Inspiration: Chernobyl docu-series on HBO. What really struck me was that negligence that was almost expected from the employees. The magnitude of problems they caused are still being felt today. I wanted to turn my fascination into a project to challenge myself and to design for an audience that I'm not familiar with.
Why I Did What I Did: I wanted to focus on the importance of the actions of engineers. I was inspired by the grid like nature of blueprints and the orderliness of engineering. In contrast, I am fascinated by the notion that a small action can have such a large consequence.
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