Honest Origins
Colorful Kernels of Every Kind
Packaging Design, Art Direction, Photography, Logo Development, Website Design, Advertising
What It's All About: Colorful corn with endless varieties. Ancient varieties of corn, also known as heirloom or heritage corn, are more flavorful and nutritious than their modern-day cousin, the genetically modified yellow sweet corn. Honest Origins is an approachable and trustworthy heirloom corn brand that aims to bring colorful corn back onto the plates of Americans. While our corn may be unfamiliar to some- we sell it in a familiar package- your traditional can.
The Inspiration: I learned about heirloom corn in an early American history class, and I was fascinated. People have been selectively breeding colorful corn for thousands of years, but it is difficult to purchase in an easily consumable form. Thus, my idea was born.
Why I Did What I Did: Coming up with a visual language for a corn brand was initially a challenge. I knew I wanted to stray away from the traditional visual language of the category; fields of grain, close up shots of veggies, and lots of green. I wanted something that felt approachable and contemporary yet elevated enough from other canned veggies to set it apart. The brand identity I landed on takes inspiration from organic elements and turns them geometric. These abstracted shapes become motifs that appear throughout the brand.
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