Lavender Lies
Revealing the Truth of America's Forgotten Witch Hunt
Naming, Art Direction, Copywriting, Research, Editorial Design, Hand Lettering, Logo Design, Advertising
What It's All About: The truth isn’t always easy to uncover. Lavender Lies is a publication that reveals the truth of the Lavender Scare, a witch hunt that targeted gay people working for the U.S. government at the height of the Cold War. Take a look at how an attempt to silence a group of people inadvertently propelled them into political activism.​​​​​​​
Why I Did What I Did: For the visual language of the book, I used bold all capital, typographic statements to reveal the truth to the reader. Headline copy was drawn from actual quotes of government officials during the era. Imagery was pulled from official court documents. The red and purple color palette also carries strong significance. Red is used to represent the witch hunters of the Red Scare. Purple is used to represent LGBTQ people. 
The Inspiration: I love uncovering the truth behind something that someone has tried to cover up because the truth will always find a way out. The Lavender Scare is a perfect example of people revising history to fit their own narrative. Red Scare propaganda mixed with the political activism of the 1950's an 60's served as the visual inspiration along with the tenacity of those that refused to accept suppression.

Advertising: These are advertisements are for an exhibit about the Lavender Scare that would premiere at the Smithsonian Museum of American History during pride month. These ads ask the viewer poignant questions about their fundamental human rights and then makes them consider how other people haven't always had the same privilege. It urges the reader to visit the exhibit and learn more about an important piece of American history.
What I Learned: Creating Lavender Lies helped me to hone a wide range of new design skills. The book required extensive research for its written and visual components. Every piece of visual content was then sorted and art directed to fit my specific style of duo-toned interactive images.
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