United Nations Global Goals
The Importance of Peace
Exhibit Design, Model Building, 3D Rendering, Exhibit Graphics, Group Collaboration
What It's All About: The United Nations partnered with Syracuse University School of Design students and challenged us to create an exhibit for the 2020 World Expo in Dubai. The objective was to create an exhibit that focused on one of seventeen global sustainability goals set forth by the UN. We focused on United Nations peacekeepers roles in creating and maintaining peace throughout the world. 

The Inspiration: Tense situations around the world sometimes need outside intervention. That’s where the United Nations and peacekeepers come in. These trained professionals aid local officials in de-escalating dangerous situations. Their goal is to promote global peace.
Why I Did What I Did: Most people don’t know the role of the United Nations or the importance of peacekeepers. Through our exhibition, we explain the role the UN had in particular situations. We depict the magnitude of the situation by recreating a chaotic and tension filled environment. At the end, a colorful and open space is meant to enhance collaboration and promote world peace
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